Parent Perimeter

Here is an app that will help parents to keep track of their child's whereabouts, by setting them a playground that they should play within.

Parent Perimeter allows the parent to define a playground (perimeter) that their child should stay within. If the child steps outside of this playground, an alert is delivered to the phone informing the child to return to the allowed area. An email is also delivered to the parent, so that they get a notice that the child is outside the playground.

The app will allow for numerous playgrounds to be defined, so the allowed playground can easily be selected when at home, visiting family, or on a day out somewhere.

Parent Perimeter will keep track of the child's position and display it onto a map on screen. The defined playground is also highlighted, so the child can easily see where the playground boundaries are set.

Once the application is started, the parent defines a perimeter for the child and sets that as the active perimeter. The app can run silently in the background, and will keep track of the child's location.

Controls within Parent Perimeter will send a notification each time the application is started. As termination of the program cannot be stopped, if your child shuts down the application, and later restarts it, a notification is sent to the parents email address each time the application is started. This will help keep track of wether or not the child is closing down the app so as not to be tracked.