iTig - A Social Game Of Tag

Are you ready to travel? Welcome to iTig. A social game of tig.

The idea is simple. Just get close enough to your opponents so that you can tag them - "You're it!!". The closer you get to your opponent, the better your chances to score. The more people you tag, the more points you will score.

Play the game on the move, or play the game from the comfort of your chair. Featuring abilities to play with real world movements, or movement simulated in-game - or use both!

Build your players abilities by completing the side missions and timed events.

Compete against global players on a daily and weekly basis, with prizes awarded for top players.

Create a league and compete amongst your friends for fun.

To help you on your quest you are provided with a tool shed. Equip this to take advantage of the numerous power-ups available. These power-ups will help you to teleport to remote locations across the globe, infect people so that you score points when they do, and many more.

Game features:

* Daily and weekly tournaments.

* Special timed events with big rewards!

* Form a league and compete against friends.

* Interact with other players with chat boards.

* Side missions and timed events to boost player abilities.

* Feature rich tool shed with numerous power-ups.

* Customise you player name and avatar.

A fun and addictive game.

Hard to put down once you get started.

So, how to play?

Upon launching the game, a map of the real world is displayed around your current location.
The map will show zoned rings, and players nearby will appear within these zones. All you need to do is to be close enough to these players to tag them. Once you tag them, you score points.

If you find that your targets are too far away, there are two ways in which you can get closer to them.
The first method is to take your phone and travel in the real world to a new location that is closer to your opponents. Your position in game will be updated as you travel, if you keep the game open. Otherwise your position will be updated next time you open the game.
The second option is to use the in-game AUTO-MOVE feature, or equip a TELEPORT power-up (see details of the TOOL SHED below).

So, how to stop being tagged?
In game you will find a tool shed in which you can purchase various machines to help you hide, seek and tag.

Each of the machines has a different feature. Some are used to hide from opponents, others are used to find opponents.
Some other machines have special features, and these can be used to dramatically increase your points tally, but at a cost! So use them wisely!

How To Use The Machines

The Shadowiser
When equipped, The Shadowiser allows you to hide in the shadows and thus you will not appear on your opponents map! Useful for not getting tagged.

All Seeing Eye
The All Seeing Eye will allow you to locate players equipped with a Shadowiser.

The best hiding tool. Allows you to stay undetectable for long periods.

The ultimate way to hide! Transport yourself to another location, anywhere in the world!
Use it to move and track busier locations, so that your tagging increases.
But no need to teleport across the globe. If you are stuck at home, use it to teleport around your home location to get you closer to far away opponents.

Bomb Builder
The bomb builder allows you to detonate a blast tag bomb at your current location. All players within the blast radius will be tagged, including those that are hiding with The Shadowiser or Cloaked.
Make your blasts bigger by combining upto x4 bombs in one detonation!

Long Range Missile. While you are teleported, place a marker to detonate a bomb at a later date. Before you detonate the L.R.M. you can check on how populated the remote location is first. Once you feel it is busy enough, detonate to get maximum points!

The Protector does what it says and protects you from all types of bomb blast. Never get caught in a bomb blast while you are wearing this valuable piece of clothing.

Each time you tag a player, you will score points. With Leech equipped your scores will double, treble or quadruple!

Touch Me
If you are too far away from your opponent, your chances of tagging them are greatly reduced. Touch Me allows you to reach out to those far away targets, so regardless of how far away they are you will successfully tag those players.

When you infect someone with a fever, for every point they score you will also score.
Excludes any bomb attack tags.

Tag Back
A great way to score points without having to go looking. The Tag Back will automatically tag back anyone who tags you.

When you infect someone with a Contagion, they will pass on the virus to players they tag. For every player that carries your Contagion you will score points for all players they tag. An extremely quick way to boost your score.
Excludes any bomb attack tags.

Compete with your friends!

i-fig also features a league system where you can create and build a league of friends. You will then be able to compete among your friends to see who is the best tagger!


The game features chat options where you can talk with other players. There is also a private chat for your league of friends.


League of Champions will be launching soon, with tournaments for all registered leagues. Details to follow soon.

Thanks for playing and happy tagging!!

More screen shots from the game